Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pet Peeve #002 : The listener of the rude interruptor

I try to be overly considerate not to talk in group settings where there is someone presenting or a clearly established meeting moderator.  I had an incident today that I want to draw attention to so that hopefully others won't cause such a situation themselves and/or for you to tell me how I could of or should have handled the matter.

While I was in the audience of a meeting, the person to my right decided to share personal anecdotes about the topic being discussed.  He was speaking in a normal tone of voice, not a whisper.  I found his volume and timing to both be inappropriate.  I tried to do a quick "yeah, yeah" and noticeably turn my attention back to the meeting moderator - but he continued to talk.

While others started to notice the rude talkers (plural from their perspective, as in he and I) over on that side of the room, I was getting the scowls as well as the talker for being an accomplice - It seemed to me that to others, the listener is just as wrong as the talker.

Should I have more actively 'hushed' the talker ? - Is being a passive listener to a rude interrupter an offense ? - Let me know, comments welcome below...

Best Regards,


Wil said...

I hate that too dude. Honestly the best policy is to just put a hand up and just say "after" or something.

Or you can be completely rude back and call them out for being rude by saying "YO I'M TRYING TO PAY ATTENTION".


Much like presence saying we're in a mtg or on the phone, maybe we need presence on our shirts or clothes that says we're tuned in/tuned out...

Wil said...

Oh and one more thing... I know you're the one writing the blog so here's a pet peeve you can avoid: drop the "Best regards, Dave"

We know it's you. :-()

David Stafford said...

C'mon ! - that's my Ron Burgundy sign-off.

But. I'm listening - so I'm going to go and edit tonights post (I hadn't read this yet).

thanks for the feedback !

Edward the Identity Theft Fighter said...

That was inappropriate. They don't have to talk that way.