Monday, July 13, 2009

Twitter is to RSS what AOL was to the WWW

?? ??

Okay - I've had enough and need to tell someone. While reading my favorite blog site today I noticed them asking me to follow them on Twitter. I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would be some mindless bantering between Josh & Ryan, but sadly that was far from the case.

People, please ! - Twitter was meant to be for comments/information from people. - I've bent my own rules in the past for the likes of @StatTweets, but this has gone too far.

All these sites which are auto-tweeting based on a blog-post or addition of a news article are starting to annoy me. Google Reader did a nice job acting as a webtop RSS aggregator, but evidently that was too frickin hard for people. - Maybe it's because Google didn't have a cute little bird on their site.

Hence my comparison to AOL for the WWW. - Evidently since people couldn't figure out how to use an RSS reader - they needed a single-site to provide a 'follow me' button. - I'd be much happier had Twitter become a catalog of RSS feeds but since they require you host your tweets on their (often overloaded) system - we're all left to be mystified when they become unavailable. This sounds a lot like people not being able to handle and opting for keyword:"PizzaHut"

So -
People, keep-on tweeting.
@CNNBrk - You're the worst offender of all.
@Engadget - Liven it up a bit, talk to us and back at us - but don't just auto-post
@ev - Cash out ASAP, I think Twitter's days are numbered.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Truncation gone wrong

...and this boys and girls is why it's important to plan for various browser widths and screen resolutions.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Palm Pre Launch Day - A retrospective

Well, here I sit 12 hours after obtaining the hottest new gadget of the day - the Palm Pre. - Am I glad I did it ? - Not really,,, Am I sorry I did it ? - No, I'm not sorry either.

When I first heard Palm had a new phone coming out at CES 2009, I thought - "Yawwn." - I don't really miss my Treo 650, but it was my first mobile-mail device and it deserves a spot in my gadget museum.

WebOS - What on earth are they thinking... WinMob, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and,,, oh-yeah iPhone OS. - Does Palm really believe we need yet another OS to need to write apps for ? - Please !

Then came Josh Topolsky on Jimmy Fallon and something clicked. - Wow, there is excitement, buzz, talk about a new gadget, and best of all - IT ISN'T APPLE !!!! Don't get me wrong, this blog is being typed on a MacBook Air, but I really am getting a little tired of Apple being what every possible technology innovation is compared to. - Bring on Google, C'mon Palm - and oh, by the way - do you have a Flip! camera yet ? - If not, go buy one now... please :-)

The Decision
Kristen broke her phone a few months ago and has been limping along on an old Motorola Razr/Krzr. - She's forgotten her phone so many times recently that I told her, "You need to have a relationship with your phone so you don't forget it" - referring to me and my iPhone. - She said she wanted a real keyboard (she has an iPod Touch) and I said - Oooohh, so you want the Pre ? (she showed no opposition and mild interest, so the deal was done...)

This meant I'd be leaving Verizon before our contract is up, at least for her phone - so I called to verify costs and all seemed reasonable. (I know a thing or two about ETF's from my iPhone days). - So today, June 6th couldn't come quickly enough to get the new family member.

Waiting in Line
Wide awake at 6am, I got ready and headed off to the local Sprint corporate/retail store by about 6:20am. I was #7 in line. - It was general chatter about blog postings and rumors for the next 90 mins, when the attention turned towards our goal.

The Sprint employee emerged to set out balloons & pass out sheets of paper with a number on it. #3 was buying 2 phones, so I got Pre #8. - They warned us that we'd need to wait outside while they kept staff ratios in check. - At 8am (not a minute sooner) - #1-5 entered.

After a full hour with #1-#5 in the store, #6 & I finally got to go in and play with their 2 demo units for 15 minutes. - Then 15 minutes later They rang up my Pre, Touchstone & car-charger (while I grabbed cookies for those still waiting outside) and off I went.

It wasn't as magical as I'd hoped. - The Sprint person already cracked the seal and we were in a hurry to an appointment and I wanted the battery to charge while I was away. - That's when I found out about the extra-sticky base on the Touchstone. - I guess it's kinda cool :-/

First Impressions
  • Sharp Plastic
  • Hard to open/close the slider
  • Fingerprint City
  • Wow, Apple must really own those multitouch patents
  • Small display
  • Only 3/5 bars
Sure, it's neat - don't get me wrong. - But the Industrial Design excels while the mechanicals and weight left me wishing for more.

WebOS & Setup for use at Work
Associated to our WPA2/Enterprise (PEAP) wireless over ECT - No problem !
Exchange ActiveSync - seemed to go with no problem, but it turns out this is a near fatal-flaw in this 1.0 release of WebOS/Synergy
Personal IMAP & Yahoo mail (this is Kristen's after all) setup easily.

While driving to another appointment accepted the update to WebOS 1.02 (67mb). It timed out over wifi - but finally prompted to install while we were in motion. It took 10 mins, but went fine.

We noticed some signal issues when Kristen got her first call (Hey Katie!). - Not sure yet how much talking on the deck helped or not. - We're still at very low minute usage.

Speaking of the minute plans,,, As someone leaving Verizon, I was pleasantly surprised that Sprint gives you 7pm-7am for nights/weekends, and TeleNav-based turn by turn navigation as well as "Sprint TV & Sprint Radio" which are included for nothing extra/month...

Oh, and it's Navigational maps are in 3D vs. iPhone's Google Maps-only 2D - nice !

Top Complaint -
  1. Exchange ActiveSync MUST get working and fast. - I'll talk to some folks closer to the EAS stuff at work to see if we can identify if it is as I expect...

  2. The slide out keyboard mechanical feels plasticy/cheap.

  3. 3/5 bars in the house : I'd hate to pay $5 a month for the Femtocell (AIRave)

  4. NO Tethering-Hello !?! C'mon Sprint, turn it BACK on as it was listed as a feature leading up to launch

  5. Battery life - 12 hours of modest usage (mainly data- not voice,
Top Faves -
  1. Synergy - Once I am able to get Exchange into this, I really like the unified & grouped view of all mail accounts

  2. Gosh that keyboard is nice to have back - not as great feeling as a Blackberry, but solid

  3. Brilliant display/resolution UI

  4. Flash on the camera - excellent

  5. Nice that it has a standard micro-USB port along with the Touchstone - C'mon Apple, Play nice someday eh?
I'm sure other things will arise over time, but for now - that's the summary of Day-1.

Prefully yours,