Saturday, March 8, 2008

Defining your on-line persona

My good friend and colleague encouraged me this week to start blogging.  Since I'm never short on words to verbally say out loud,, why is it that I'm essentially an on-line 'mute' ?

I'm a fan of several blogs and more recently a fan of certain bloggers.  I am most apt to read the blog of someone that leads an interesting life, or one that shares common interests.

I don't keep and never have kept a journal. (...and why does the term 'diary' seem inappropriate for a guy in his early 30's ?)   So I'm not typing this for me - I'm typing it for you.  Who are you ? - What possibly could I talk about that you'd be interested in reading ?  Do you want to agree with me, or prove that I'm wrong ?

Well - Here are some ideas, leave a comment and I'm happy to write a response.

I am a closet-Mac fanboy.  - Seems everyone loves to brag about Mac's, but perhaps you'd like to hear why someone is embarrassed or afraid to admit it .

I never stop thinking about work, but I'd argue that I'm not a workaholic. - I really love my job, I love technology and I really love seeing technology change how people connect and communicate.

I hate "web-tops".  This isn't virtualization, this isn't disaggregation, this isn't solving the problems with personal computing today.

So there we have it.  Dave's first blog post.  If you think there's enough worthless bloggers out there and that I'm destined to become yet another one - then say nothing.  If you think my perspectives could be entertaining, enlightening, insightful, or provocative - The comments link is below.

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Robbie Allen said...

I can't believe it! Dave Stafford is finally blogging. The end must be near.

A few topics I'd be interested in:

- Issues and thoughts on supporting Mac/Apple products in an enterprise environment
- Ideas on where virtualization is going
- Whatever you find interesting

The key with a blog is consistent posting. On my personal blog, which I've had since 2003, I've tried to post at least once a month. With other blogs I post more frequently. Set a goal and stick to it. If you don't, expect me to write comments periodically about how much of a slacker you are being ;-)

Wil said...

Why hate on the "web-top" Dave? We may be discussing two separate items, a "web-top" to me is having my entire working environment on the web via a browser.

IM (Gmail)
Chat rooms (Basecamp/Campfire)
Video (Flash-based, see Facebook)
Voice (also Flash-based)

That means I can get to it from anywhere. And I don't have to worry about storage because it's all in the "cloud".

Even Visio is getting web 2.0-ized (see

One day, all apps will be managed centrally as ASPs. Computational power will be offloaded between the host and the "cloud", depending on which has more utility.

Actually that's leading me to something else... a different response perhaps. :-)