Saturday, May 31, 2008

Go Wings (Better luck next year Pistons)

Yup, Season is over - My friend over at asked me recently what my favorite sport was and it was without much hesitation that I told him it was the NBA.  I mean ever since growing up during the 88/89/90 appearances of my beloved Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals (and yes - that would be back to back championships as well) - I loved the Bad Boys of Motown. 

There was a retro-feel this year as well, Pistons vs. Celtics in the East and the Lakers in the West. - Gosh, where's Magic, Bird & Joe Dumars ? (Sorry, not much of a Isah Thomas fan anymore)  -  I've probably been to more Pistons games than Red Wings + Tigers + Lions (they're our NFL team in case you've never heard of them) combined.  Too bad I need to drive to Charlotte to watch the Pistons play in North Carolina. - In any case - we made it back to the Eastern Conference finals and that's it. - As my uncle would say 'It's OVA !"

I was very encouraged by a couple things that makes me hope for another chance in 09.
  • Young team - The oldest starter is Sheed at 33 and look at how well Lyndsey Hunter runs around the court at 38 !
  • Rodney Stuckey - What a phenom !  For a rookie to step into Chauncey's shoes during his hamstring injury and be such a force; Look out ! - It's just like Vinnie Johnson - Microwave 2.0 Stuckey ! Oh yeah - and he's 22, so he's got a decade of greatness ahead
  • And finally - the Pistons are still enough of a draw that Palace of Auburn Hills hasn't become "Meijer Thrifty Acres
Go Wings - Beat Pittsburgh !

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